KotlinConf Global 2024 - Brighton Kotlin

KotlinConf Global 2024 - Brighton Kotlin

Lee Turner

1 minute read


This year Brighton Kotlin is taking part in KotlinConf Global 2024, where communities around the world are encouraged to become part of KotlinConf 2024 by hosting their own events. Join us on the 28th May for an engaging and informative KotlinConf Global at Runway East, Brighton.

This is a unique opportunity for Kotlin enthusiasts and professionals to come together, watch keynote talks from KotlinConf ‘24 in Copenhagen, and chat about the latest news from the Kotlin ecosystem, all over a few drinks and some pizza


  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Brighton Fringe - Ben O’Sullivan - Bowling Alone
  • Live Viewing of KotlinConf Keynote Talks
  • Discussions on Keynote Topics
  • Local pub for drinks

Special Features:

  • Get the latest insights and updates directly from the Kotlin community.
  • Engage in discussions with fellow Kotlin developers and enthusiasts.
  • Kotlin swag
  • IntelliJ license to give away

We are excited to be supporting Brighton Fringe during this event. We have Ben O’Sullivan joining us to give us a preview of his show - Bowling Alone - https://www.brightonfringe.org/events/bowling-alone/