A Fresh Look at Kotlin Coroutines by Laksitha Ranasingha

Welcome to the first of our June 2021 speakers - Laksitha Ranasingha

Lee Turner

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The June Brighton Kotlin meetup takes place on Thursday 27th June at 6 pm GMT. We will be opening zoom just before 6pm for people to gather and chat. The link will be sent out on the day of the talk. The event will begin around 6pm.

We’ll be welcoming Laksitha Ranasingha who will take a fresh look at Coroutines:

Ok, Kotlin is cool and fun. It’s even better with built in coroutine support. As Kotlin is getting popular in backend development, I would like to share my recent experience of using coroutines.

I will start with briefly looking at different concurrency models/patterns such as traditional thread based, asynchronous callback-based, futures, actor-based and coroutine based concurrency. Then I’ll dive a little deeper into Kotlin coroutines, how they work and their pros and cons.

Finally, I would like to show how I used coroutines in a backend service that I recently worked on. The aim is to show the application of coroutines in a real-world use case.


Laksitha is a self-employed Lead Engineer

Connect with Laksitha: