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The June Brighton Kotlin meetup takes place on Thursday 27th June at 6 pm GMT. We will be opening zoom just before 6pm for people to gather and chat. The link will be sent out on the day of the talk. The event will begin around 6pm.

We’ll be welcoming our third speaker - Raul Hernandez Lopez who will give a talk called Getting ready for Declarative UIs with Unidirectional Data Flow using Kotlin Coroutines

Unidirectional Data Flow (UDF) is a powerful technique that enhances our Reactive apps to work deterministically. Synchronising our views with fresh data was never an easy task to accomplish. For this same reason, there are mechanisms that support us to make that possible. Surely callbacks were a thing in the past, however, they were an antipattern themselves due to the lack of readability. Now we don’t need to deal with them any more thanks to Kotlin Coroutines. Getting ready for Declarative UIs with Kotlin Coroutines and friends is indeed feasible, now we could use suspend functions, Flow and in the end StateFlow would make our Reactive apps ready for Declarative UIs. Let’s define a single entry point, receive data, transform it into a state, and render each state. Let’s get our apps ready for a Declarative UI world on Android.

You’ll learn how to use Kotlin Coroutines and friends from the Kotlin Coroutines library to take advantage of really efficient and easy to read code. How to handle its lifecycle without being compromised to a specific external Android framework, which would enable your code to be prepared for more purposes than Android only apps.


Raul is a Senior Software Engineer at Twitter

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