Scaling UI across platforms with Server Driven UI by Joe Birch

Welcome to the first of our March 2021 speakers - Joe Birch from Buffer

Lee Turner

2 minute read

Mobile, Web, Desktop… when working with multiple platforms for your product, you might start to feel like there is a lot for your team to maintain. If we update the design for a feature or want to test a new layout, we often need to make that change in multiple clients. This results in more time spent on the same task in multiple places, with less time being able to focus on delivering even more value to your users.

With the use of declarative UI frameworks on the rise, there are more opportunities opening up that allow us to experiment with how we build our applications. Whilst Server Driven UI is nothing new, pair this with strongly typed server-side technologies and dynamically building our user interfaces becomes both simpler and safer.

In this talk we’ll explore how we can utilise GraphQL to declare the presentation of our apps, with this being used to build our Jetpack Compose, SwiftUI or React components to be displayed on screen. With this knowledge we’ll be able to start thinking about how we can build more dynamic UIs whilst utilising modern approaches when doing so.


Joe is a Senior Engineer II at Buffer, Google Developer Expert for Android, Android Instructor at Caster.IO

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