Validation in Kotlin using Konform with Andrew Liles & Szaby Gyurko

Welcome to the first of our 2022 speakers - Andrew Liles & Szaby Gyurko

Lee Turner

1 minute read

In the first of our February 2022 talks will be welcoming Andrew Liles & Szaby Gyurko, the CTO and Head of Engineering at Reset Health. They will be talking about their experience of Validation in Kotlin using Konform.

Want a means to validate input in Kotlin using a Kotlin idiomatic syntax? Andrew & Szaby’s team is building server-side Kotlin REST applications and chose Spring as the framework but decided to look beyond the traditional simple Spring annotation-driven approach. They explain the shortcomings they found in Spring and why they selected Konform. In this talk they’ll share how Konform is a strong solution to handle complex multi-field validation but where this approach is still imperfect.


Andrew Liles & Szaby Gyurko are the CTO and Head of Engineering at Reset Health.